Our services offer an on-location media source for high-traffic locations that require frequent information updates. Airports, Convention Centers, and sports arenas usually caters large homogeneous groups who are in constant need of information updates regarding specific events.


Airports serve thousands of travelers everyday and everyone knows that waiting at the departure gate and baggage claim is a daily ritual for these passengers. By utilizing the services at the 4th Media Ltd., we can take advantage of these wait times and broadcast requested content to travelers regarding hotel information, tourist sites, and other media-based content that may interest them.

For departing travelers, we can broadcast flight information and updates, flight changes, and other important announcements that travelers may have missed. We can also broadcast information regarding their arrival city such as restaurant selections, upcoming festivals, and local attractions that passengers may find interesting.

For arrival passengers, we can broadcast custom regulations, weather reports of the arrival city, and other interesting facts about the city that the passengers can use.

Sports Arena:

Whether you are at a concert, sports game, or a show, we here at the 4th Media Ltd. can inform you of:

  • Player stats and team information
  • Fan club information and related products
  • Special promotions of upcoming concerts and shows,
  • Special draws and free samples
  • And so much more

If you are interested in utilizing our services or have any inquiries regarding our services, please feel free to contact us at:


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