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We can help you convert daily traffic into customers. Proximity media could romanticize shopping into an exciting, social event. It enables stores to deliver a pleasurable experience, through innovative communication to existing shoppers without hiring teams of knowledgeable employees. The live location based shopper friendly information leads to opportunities for each store to generate additional revenue by influencing consumer decisions.

When shoppers are in the mall and presumably in a frame of mind for spending, our networks allow them to search for ongoing promotions, new designer collections, upcoming events for each store, and much more. All they need to do is to enter the code or san the image of their favorite store on the directory and the information they request will be sent to their mobile phone in seconds.

Alternatively, the 4th Media can also install large screen digital signs in scattered locations around the mall. Stores can advertise their products and services (ex. Coupons) on these digital signs and shoppers can then download whatever content that interests them from these digital signs directly to their phones.

For each store, each unit of merchandise can be archived with informative contents that could help consumers make informative purchasing decisions. In a fashion store, shoppers can enter a code from the price tags to view designers suggestion and fashion reviews on a new collection; in a restaurant, diners can scan an image on the menu to learn the nutrient content and health implications of a dish; in a movie theater, viewers can download previews and critique comments when trying to decide what to watch.

In addition to increasing your core revenue, our company also has a profit sharing plan to create advertising revenue for you from your high volume foot traffic. With your permission, the 4th Media will embed brand awareness campaigns from related non competing brand to your shoppers. You will receive a percentage of the advertising incoming.

Our server logs each activity that happens during the day and a complete report will be made available on a daily basis. The report will be entered into a database for analysis in hoping to assist you in anticipating changes in consumer behavior.

No matter what business you are in, we can develop a plan that fits your needs. Please contact us to see what we can do to develop your market and help you increase you revenue.



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