Cultural Project for Museum, Art Gallery and Heritage Sites

Proximity media helps museums and galleries create a more dynamic visitor experience and enables instant on location visitor interactions. When visitors enter the main entrance, they will receive a greeting on their cell phone in which they can either accept or reject.

The video tour will then guide visitors to each showroom in which a digital display board (optional) will broadcast exhibition information. Visitors can then download any content from the display board onto their mobile phones.

A code or an image will be printed on the metal plate next to each exhibition in which visitors can scan or type onto their phones in order to request for a multimedia description (text, image, animation, or video) of the corresponding exhibition. The descriptions could include a brief biography of the creator, creators inspirations, historical background and/or critic reviews.

In additional to receiving extra contents, visitors are encouraged to publish their own comments and ideas corresponding to each exhibit. The user generated contents can be uploaded onto the closest transmitter via Bluetooth and non offensive contents will then be selected to post onto your companys website or forum. It will not only encourage visitor participation and drive up web traffic, but it also inspires user creativity.

When the tour is finished, proximity media could sent visitor materials to cross promote other nearby art/culture facilities (optional) or local restaurants and theater. This way, the museum becomes a marketing platform for nearby culture attractions to generate unplanned visits and local business to generate instant revenue from unplanned consumption.


In Addition, the content received on the mobile phones can then be saved or transferred to other phones or computers. This not only brings the fun of the experience home with the visitors, but also enables them to share the adventure with friends and family. Our services can create a viral marketing effect that even a big budget campaign can not achieve.



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