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It is a well know fact that when shaping people's opinions on a city, the "image" of the city can sometimes be more important and influential than the actual city itself. Therefore, it is essential to have proper marketing techniques in place when one wishes to portray their city as a hub for culture, commerce, tourism, and development.

Limitations on Traditional Mass Media

In today's society, major cities like New York, Toronto, Dubai, and Shanghai, have all realized the importance of the media in economic development. There are often large amounts of funding spent everyday on different forms of advertisement, such as TV and internet, to introduce viewers to the wonders of their city. However, when people step out of the comfort of their homes, these advertisement efforts become obsolete.

How our services can overcome the limitations

The 4th Media Ltd. provides relevant media content to individuals who need them but are unable to access them through other media sources. The media content can be transferred from one of our local broadcasting networks to people's mobile phones using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Max signals. By using this technique, recipients are able to access required information where internet and other forms of media are not easily accessible.

Effects on Cultural Events

Museums/Art Galleries: By utilizing our services, people in museums can receive multimedia presentations of any exhibition by either typing in a code or scanning a image onto their mobile phones. They can also receive MP3 files of video descriptions and other required material simply by turning on their Bluetooth. We can also send cross promotional material regarding upcoming exhibitions or directions to other galleries that recipients may be interested in.

Cultural and Other Festivals: The same broadcasting techniques can be used in other cultural festivals (refer to the Festival and Cultural link) and the content that is broadcasted can vary with the nature of the festival. In one sentence, the possibilities are unlimited.

Effects on the Economy

Public Transit: In most cities, underground transit is one of the most reliable and popular means of transportation for millions of people. Hundreds of shops, theatres, restaurants, and tourist attractions are located directly along the transit routes; however, in reality, a lot of the travelers do not know that these places exist. Through the use of our proximity based media broadcasting, we can generate live news feed and commercial advertising for these attractions and businesses to passengers at specific stations based on what attractions they are nearest to. This way, passengers are not only given useful information regarding places that may interest them, businesses are also able to generate additional traffic because of these advertisement strategies.

Effects on Tourism

Upon arrival in a city, tourists can utilize our services by requesting a visual tour book sent to their mobile phones. These tour books are not only harmless to the environment, but they also offer tourists the opportunity to receive up-to-date information on tourist attractions, hotel selections, restaurant picks, special store promotions, and other informative contents. Tourists can also utilize these tour books when it comes to cab transportation. Instead of explaining to the cab driver the exact location of the places they wish to go, they can simply show the drivers their desired destination on the virtual tour books and the cab drivers can take them there. This service is perfect for those people who do not speak the language of that city.?

Case Study: Toronto

The 4th Media Ltd. completed a study in Toronto: one of the largest financial centers and tourist attractions in Canada. So far, Toronto has done an amazing job in promoting the city's culture, economy and tourist attractions, however, there are still a lot of missed opportunities that the city could utilize. Here are some of the interesting opportunities in Toronto that we can help promote:

  • During the Toronto Film Festival, we can use our services to help promote the newly developed film port.
  • During special events at the Toronto Convention Center, we can send visitors information regarding the surrounding stores located on Queen Street
  • We can send people facts and clips of upcoming concerts and festivals that they may otherwise know little about

Missed Opportunities:

Our services here at the 4th Media Ltd., provides a platform for digital destination-based media that can be utilized outside of the home. Through our networks, the city of Toronto could market the city's heritage, business opportunities and attractions to tourists and local residents when they are in need of these information.

Our mission is to situate our transmitters all across Toronto, focusing in on the high-traffic areas such as the Convention Center, Pearson Airport, TTC (public transit) terminals, and other major attractions. We can then transmit informative content to audiences who request them through our central server.

Here are some other suggestions that our services can do:

  • We can help generate additional revenue for the city by promoting nearby attractions and upcoming events to recipients of Toronto.
  • Our services is also a good marketing mechanism for local businesses and can therefore help increase revenue for the private sector of the economy.
  • Our services can also help the environment by eventually decreasing the distribution and printing of fliers because we can distribute the same amount of information through our proximity media service.
  • Users can also store the content they receive in their mobile devices and relive the experience with family and friends whenever they want.


If you are interested in utilizing our services or have any inquiries regarding our services, please feel free to contact us at:


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